Why Is My New Bearded Dragon Not Eating

Why is my new bearded dragon not eating 9 Possible Reasons Your Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat and what to do about it CAUSE #1: Your bearded dragon is stressed. SOLUTION: Determine the source of the stress and remove it if possible. Is your dragon new? Then the best thing to do is be patient and persistent. Continue to offer food daily, whether or not it is refused.

5 common reasons why your bearded dragon is not eating

Why Is My Bearded Dragon So Restless?

This is usually due to the bearded dragon seeing his reflection in the glass and thinking there is another bearded dragon in the area. This constant scratching can cause it to become stressed and jumpy. You can help reduce this by placing a terrarium or aquarium background, on the sides and back of the terrarium.

Is My Bearded Dragon Stressed?

It is very common for a bearded dragon to show signs of stress when it has been recently brought into its new home. I would suggest to give him (or her) time to become adjusted to the new environment for a bit. It can take a few days, a few weeks, or even perhaps a month or two.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Climbing The Glass?

Bearded dragons, and some other reptiles, sometimes exhibit a curious behavior that many call “glass surfing” (or glass dancing). Simply put, this is a name for when these lizards begin to run the length of their glass enclosed tanks trying to climb the tank glass sides.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Flailing On Its Legs?

When changes do occur too suddenly, these lizards have a tendency to become stressed. This stress can cause them to exhibit certain behaviors such as glass surfing with telltale stress related arm and leg flailing or paddling. The first thing to look at is whether your bearded dragon has grown too large for its original tank.

Can A Psychologist Help A Bearded Dragon With Glass Surfing?

Now, if bearded dragons could go to a psychologist for an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of lizards engaged in glass surfing, it might shed light on exactly why the beardie is behaving this way. But we don’t have that luxury.

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