Why Is My Bearded Dragon So Dark

Why is my bearded dragon so dark Reason number 1: Your bearded dragon is cold and is trying to warm up. The fact is, your bearded dragon might turn black or just darker to increase heat absorption. This can happen if the tank is cold, and your bearded dragon needs more heat. This also happens after a night, because temperatures drop.

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Why Is My Bearded Dragon So Dark

Common Reasons A Bearded Dragon Turns Black

  • Thermoregulation
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Shedding

Why Has Your Male Bearded Dragon Got A Black Beard?

When a Bearded Dragon turns it’s beard black it is usually to regulate body temperature. Another common reason why Bearded Dragons turn their beard black is to display aggressive behaviour because they feel threatened or intimidated.

Why Would Your Bearded Dragons Skin Turn Black?

The most common reason bearded dragons turn black is they are cold and trying to warm themselves up. They will also turn black if they are stressed or angry, or sometimes if they are sick. A bearded dragon may also become dark if they are about to shed. When a Bearded Dragon turns black, there can be a few different causes.

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