Why Does Bearded Dragon Poop Smell So Bad

Bearded dragon odor is it your beardie or their tank that

Why Does Bearded Dragon Poop Smell So Bad

Causes Of Bearded Dragon Smell

  • Poop And Urine. Bearded dragon poop and urine are the most significant cause of the foul odor.
  • Unclean Tank. If you don’t clean your tank regularly, bacteria can gather inside the enclosure along the same lines.
  • Leftover Food.
  • Cheap Or Dirty Substrate.
  • Fungal Infection.

Do Bearded Dragons Eat Their Own Poop?

Bearded dragons will often eat their own poop or faeces when it contains undigested food. Eating the undigested food within the faeces will prevent a waste of nutrients that would otherwise occur. Bearded dragons may also eat their faeces if they are lacking in nutrients in their diet. Read On to Learn.

Do Bearded Dragons Need To Eat Bugs?

Feed them as many insects as they can eat within 15 minutes. Bearded dragons should be fed three times a day. If they’re juveniles they need much more insects than adult ones. They will need more vegetables and fruits. A typical juvenile can eat up to 20-40 insects a day.

What To Do If Your Bearded Dragon Is Not Pooping?

A constipated bearded dragon may have a round belly. It is mistaken as full but will not poop for many days or over a week. In addition, an impacted bearded dragon gains weight because it eats but won’t poop. Bathing could help relax the bearded dragon. In most cases, it can poop in the water while taking a bath.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Have Undigested Food In Its Poop?

Another overlooked reason why beardies may have undigested food in their poop is due to the fact that they are fed too close to the time then their basking lamp is turned off for the night. As a general rule of thumb, you should feed your bearded dragon a minimum of 3 hours before they go to bed.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Eating His Shed?

A refusal to eat before or after the process is normal too. Bearded Dragons usually do not eat during this time as they eat their own shed. In the wild food is often scarce and hard to find. As an evolutionary mechanism this species historically ate their old shed to preserve nutrients lost from shedding.

Is It Normal For A Bearded Dragon To Poop Green?

Although bearded dragon green poop can seem worrisome, as long as the urates are white and the poop isn’t super runny or reek to the high heavens, this most likely is nothing to worry about. Green bearded dragon poop is typically just the result of something in their diet.

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