Is Vita Sand Safe For Bearded Dragons

Is vita sand safe for bearded dragons One of the most popular types offered in several pet stores is a sand substrate made of calcium (aka: “calci-sand”), called Vita-sand. The supposed benefit of using Vita-sand is that, being made of calcium, it will.

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Is Sand Or Carpet Better For Bearded Dragons?

The best kind of sand for a bearded dragon may be childrens play sand. Desert sand is very fine and can be molded into a shape when wet which will dry solid. If slightly wet it will also stay in place well when being dug in.

Can A Bearded Dragon Eat Sand?

Young or sick dragons are more likely to eat sand and develop an impaction. For this reason it is best not to use loose substrates such as sand. The best substrate for a Bearded Dragon is reptile carpet.

What Kind Of Carpet Is Safe For Bearded Dragons?

This beardie-safe carpet is an ideal solution. It is safe in the warm areas of the tank for your bearded dragon to bask on. If you have the type of flooring that attracts heat, such as lino, or sand, it can get really hot from the heat lamp.

What Is The Best Substrate For Bearded Dragons?

Sand is a popular substrate among many reptile owners, including those with bearded dragons. It is easy to spot clean, affordable, and looks like their natural habitat (desert). Furthermore, it will also encourage digging behavior.

Can I Use Calci-Sand For Bearded Dragons?

For this reason, calci-sand should be avoided in favor of plain sand. Included with the calcium-sand is sand that has been dyed different colors. The problem with the dye is that it permanently stains the bearded dragon’s skin. I do not know of any health concerns that have been linked to the dyes though.