How To Tell Male Or Female Bearded Dragon

How to tell male or female bearded dragon The male bearded dragon has a wider and larger head than a female bearded dragon, and it has a more pronounced beard feature with larger spiky protuberances. The female’s skull is thinner and smaller overall than a male’s head, and they also have a less pronounced beard. However, female bearded dragons have the ability to change the color of.

Bearded dragon underside

How To Tell Male Or Female Bearded Dragon

If you don’t know if your beardie is a boy or a girl, here’s how you can tell the difference:

  • Size: Male bearded dragons are noticeably larger than females, whereas female bearded dragons have smaller heads, male beardies have larger, thicker, and wider skulls.
  • Hemipenal Bulges: Male beardies have two hemipenal bulges, whereas females only have one.
  • Beard: Male bearded dragons generally have darker and larger beards, especially during mating season, whereas female beardies have more inconspicuous beards.

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