How Do Bearded Dragons Get Mouth Rot

How do bearded dragons get mouth rot Bearded Dragon mouth rot is also known as infectious stomatitis. As its name suggests it is caused by an infection of the mouth area. It’s generally quite treatable by antibiotics or antiseptic agents, but will often require the input of a Vet due to needing medications.

Bearded dragon mouth open

How Do Bearded Dragons Get Mouth Rot

Causes of Mouth Rot

  • – Oral Injuries. Bearded dragons can get mouth rot from oral injuries. These injuries can be obtained when it is…
  • – Poor Diet. When a bearded dragon isn’t fed properly, it becomes weak, and this can lead to mouth rot. Poor diet…
  • – Improper Temperature. When a bearded dragon is kept in a cage without ideal temperature, its immune system would be…

Is Your Bearded Dragon Suffering From Mouth Rot?

Specific smells, trouble eating, and noticeable swelling or discoloration are signs that denote that your bearded dragon may be struggling with Stomatitis, or mouth rot. Mouth rot can be truly uncomfortable and difficult to handle for your bearded dragon, and it is important to keep an eye on symptoms as well as seek the aid of a vet.

What Problems Do Bearded Dragons Have?

Bearded dragons might become obese if you feed them too much food, especially insects and mice high in fat. Obesity is a big problem in bearded dragons, and can cause internal organ damage and even premature death. Normal weight for an adult bearded dragon is 300-700 grams, and its shouldn’t look too fat to be walking and climbing.

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