Can Bearded Dragons Have Waxworms

Can bearded dragons have waxworms 6 rows · Bearded dragons can eat wax worms and generally really enjoy doing so. They are soft and .

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Can You Feed Waxworms To Your Bearded Dragon?

So, you can feed your wax worms to your baby bearded dragon in small quantities every day. 3 to 5 wax worms shouldn’t be excessive but should be highly supplemented. Adults can eat three wax worms too, but less frequently. Most times, you shouldn’t feed them with wax worms more than once every week.

Are Waxworms Ok For A Bearded Dragon?

It is perfectly safe to feed bearded dragons wax worms; and many owners do offer them from time to time. This appears to be key. They should only be fed in moderation. Being the caterpillar larvae of wax moths, they only average between 2.5cm/1” in total length. They have soft bodies and are relatively small in size.

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