Can Bearded Dragons Have Baby Bok Choy

Can bearded dragons have baby bok choy Yes, bearded dragons can eat bok choy. This vegetable has many essential vitamins and minerals that bearded dragons need to stay healthy and strong. However, bok choy also contains a high level of goitrogens, which can harm them. To ensure bok choy doesn’t affect the health of your beardie, feed them in moderation.

Baby bearded dragon eating bok choy

Can Bearded Dragons Have Baby Bok Choy

Baby bearded dragons can eat bok choy, but only a small amount of it. While most leafy greens are great for baby beardie, bok choy isn’t one of them. This leafy green contains a high level of goitrogens and vitamin A. Both of these are extremely harmful to baby beardie.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Flowering Kale?

Yes, Bearded Dragon can eat kale as part of a balanced and varied diet. Kale is a green, leafy, cruciferous vegetable rich in nutrients that offer a range of health benefits for the whole body. According to the VCA Hospitals, kale is totally safe to feed to the bearded dragon and should make up a high percentage of the plant-based portion of their diet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cooked Vegetables?

Vegetables for bearded dragon can be fed to the dragon as raw vegetables or cooked vegetables. As bearded dragons are from a place where food is sparse, they will feed on anything to sustain and thus is the best animal to be kept as a pet. A Bearded Dragon is a reptile that is a type of lizard, which has eight different species.

Is Kale Very Bad For My Bearded Dragon?

Many people worry that kale is high in oxalates, which are bad for bearded dragons. Oxalates can bind with calcium and prevent your pet from absorbing it. You should already be feeding your dragon calcium supplements because they don’t get enough in their diet, so you don’t want t feed them something that makes them ineffective.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Curly Kale?

Yes, kale is safe to feed to bearded dragons. Make sure the kale is washed and fresh before giving it to a dragon to eat. How much kale can a bearded dragon eat?

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