Why Is My Bearded Dragon Hiding

Why is my bearded dragon hiding Reason #3: Your bearded dragon is stressed. If your bearded dragon is stressed, it will be hiding under a log or rock, in a cave or in a corner. There are many reasons for stress, this can include bright light, other cage mates or larger pets, health issues and more.

Why is my bearded dragon hiding in his cave

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Hiding

4 Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon Is Hiding

  1. Cooling Down. A bearded dragon reptile cage needs to be kept at specific temperatures.
  2. Security. In the wild, when a bearded dragon feels threatened by a larger predator, it hides.
  3. Hiding From Other Bearded Dragons. If you have multiple bearded dragons in an enclosure, one or more of them may constantly seek a hiding place.
  4. Feeling Sick.

Does A Bearded Dragon Need A Moist Hide?

Do bear dragons need a humid hide? A humid hide inside the tank isn’t necessary for bearded dragons. For example, there is a humid hide for leopard geckos is very healthy, but for beardie, a too moist environment will cause health problems .

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Hiding?

For example, bearded dragons going through puberty at around 8-14 months old will be moody sometimes and will hide more. Even in general, bearded dragons can also have their moods and sometimes want to relax and hide. Unless your bearded dragon has been hiding for a long time (more than couple days), then there’s nothing to worry about.

Where To Hide A Bearded Dragon In A Tank?

First of all, Yes, it’s actually important where you place the hide if you want your Dragon to get the most out of it. You should actually place the hide in the cool side of the tank so that your Bearded Dragon can have somewhere to retreat when they are not basking that will allow them to cool down if needed.

How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Live Without Being Held?

Your bearded dragon will be mostly hiding and will be eating little to nothing. Please allow your bearded dragon at least 7-10 days without handling it. Also, make sure to include hides in the tank so that your bearded dragon can hide whenever it wants to.

How Much Humidity Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

One of the requirements for the bearded dragon’s need is humidity. The level of humidity is very important and crucial to their health. It could mean the difference between a healthy and happy beardie and a sick and unhealthy beardie. During the day, the humidity level should be between 30% to 40% in the bearded dragon tank.

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