What Substrate Is Best For Bearded Dragons

What substrate is best for bearded dragons The Best Bearded Dragon Substrates 1. Reptile Carpet Generally, herpetology enthusiasts separate substrates into two distinct categories: loose-particle. 2. Tile Believe it or not, the same types of tile you use in your kitchen sink.

The 10 best bearded dragon substrate

Are Alfalfa Pellets Good Substrate For Bearded Dragons?

Alfalfa pellets are the best loose substrate for bearded dragons. Normally this substrate is used as feed for rabbits and horses. However it can also be layered as a substrate for bearded dragons and other pet lizards. If your dragon eats these pellets they can be safely digested. But, there is still a small risk of intestinal blockage.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Alfalfa Pellets?

Wood chip substrate used in bearded dragon’s house. Ashley’s bearded dragon Stitch. Alfalfa pellets can be used and shouldn’t be much of a problem if consumed. However, it is highly unsanitary to eat what is defecated on and moisture in the alfalfa pellets will cause mold. There are far better substrates, as already covered, than alfalfa pellets.

Is Walnut Sand Good For Bearded Dragons?

Walnut sand is not a good substrate for bearded dragons and corn cob litter is also a hazard. Walnut substrate for bearded dragons is hazardous and like all loose substrates, easily eaten if it covers the bearded dragons house floor.

Can I Use Loose Substrate For Bearded Dragons?

One of the best choices for loose substrate would be topsoil mixed with play sand (50/50). But please remember, that there is still risk of impaction. You can divide the tank and have only half of it with loose substrate, where your bearded dragon is resting. Do not use loose substrate where your bearded dragon eats.

Is Artificial Grass Good For Bearded Dragons?

Summary and benefits: Artificial grass is great for bearded dragon floors. Combined with tiles underneath it keeps your options open and gives variation for your bearded dragons substrate. Artificial turf is an option for adding to enclosure surfaces. Seal edges to prevent strands from becoming hazards.

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