What If This Goldfish Would You Wish

What of this goldfish would you wish by griffin bradley

What If This Goldfish Would You Wish

In the short story, “What, Of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?”, by Etgar Keret

Etgar Keret is an Israeli writer known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television.

, states, “‘You killed him, Sergei,’ the goldfish says. “‘You killed somebody yet you’re not a killer’”. The goldfish tries to impact him to make the wish since he understood that Sergei was not a killer and that where it tallies Sergei achieved something that was wrong.

What,Of This Goldfish,Would You Wish?

Explanation: In the story "What, Of this Goldfish, Would you wish?", the motif of wishing for Yoni was through his innocent yet ambitious dream of selling his video footage to companies. The motif of wishing for the goldfish was that once he granted three wishes to Sergei, he would have his freedom.

What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish Story?

What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?” is a story about a man named Sergei who had a traumatic past in Russia.He then traveled into town to live the rest of his life in his new house, peacefully. Sergei found a magic goldfish that offered him three wishes.This eventually formed a friendship between the man and the goldfish.Sergei decided to use the first wish to cure his sister’s lung …

What, Of This Goldfish, Would You Wish For?

Theme Of What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish. Sergei had a magical goldfish and had three wishes he could make upon himself. Keret wrote, “They discovered a cancer in his sister. A lung cancer, the kind you do not get better from,” (7). Sergei made his first wish for his sister’s knowing he needed to without a second thought because it was right for him to save her life.

What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish Summary?

In the fictional short story ‘What of This Goldfish, Would you wish’, Sergei Goralick, a Russian hermit living in Jaffa, was fishing on one of his valued late night fishing trips, when he caught a magical goldfish that granted him three wishes. He uses his first two wishes in order to help his friends, but is hesitant to use his last.

What Does The Goldfish Represent In What Of This Goldfish?

What does the goldfish represent in what of this goldfish would you wish? The goldfish wanted his freedom and roam free from Sergei. The text states, “The fish swishes his fish tail back and forth in the water, the way he does, Sergei knows when he’s truly excited.

Why Does The Goldfish Attempt To Influence Sergei To Use His Wish?

The goldfish endeavors to influence him to make the wish since he realized that Sergei was not a murderer and that where it counts Sergei accomplished something that was not right. The issue of whether or not he should use the wish emerges.

What Is The Resolution Of This Goldfish Would You Wish?

What, of this Goldfish, Would you wish? The resolution was when the fish finally convinced Sergei to use his last wish on Yoni and he does use it. Then, Yoni comes back to life and everyone lives happily ever after. The climax was when Sergei got annoyed with Yoni and threw the stove top at him and killed him.

What Is The Main Idea Of What Of This Goldfish?

After the Israeli boy enters the Sergei’s house, he sees that the man has a goldfish and gets excited. What is the main idea of what of this goldfish would you wish? The theme of this story is to be careful how you spend things because you never know how you might need to use them later.

What Is The Tone Of What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish?

The tone that Keret creates in the short story, "What of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?" is a formal tone? Q. Who owns the goldfish? What does the dialogue between Sergei and the fish tell you? Sergei is insane. Sergei and the fish know each other well.

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