What Are The Types Of Bearded Dragons

What are the types of bearded dragons How Many Species Of Bearded Dragon Are There?

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What Are The Different Species Of Bearded Dragons?

What are the different species of bearded dragons? Biologists are able to distinguish between eight bearded dragon species. The most typical species are the Central Bearded Dragon and the Rankins Dragon. All the other six are rarer, but can still be found in the worldwide bearded dragon trade lists. Note that some sources list nine species.

What Type Of Bearded Dragon Should I Get?

Well, if this is your first bearded dragon, then you will probably want to get a fully grown (or close to fully grown bearded dragon) to start. This is because younger dragons are very fragile and can easily get sick, injured, or worse if you are not experienced with handling them.

Can Bearded Dragons Live With Other Bearded Dragons?

Normally, bearded dragons are solitary animals which you should not keep in the same habitat with other bearded dragons. Nevertheless, keeping them together with another species can sometimes work with a habitat that offers a lot of space.

Is A Bearded Dragon The Same As A Water Dragon?

One major difference between owning a bearded dragon and owning a water dragon is that a bearded dragon can be housed in an aquarium and a full-grown water dragon will need an enclosure the size of a small room. An adult water dragon can grow to over 3 feet long, and his enclosure should be at three times as long and twice as wide as himself.

Should You Get A Male Or Female Bearded Dragon?

Should You Get A Male Or Female Bearded Dragon? Ultimately, whether you pick a male or female beardie is going to be up to you. The two sexes of this reptile species are primarily similar in looks and behavior, but males will generally be bigger and have more personality.

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