How To Treat Ick On Goldfish

How to treat ick on goldfish (Note: goldfish ich can get worse before it starts to get better.) Allow the aquarium salt to sit in the water for two weeks, then remove it by preforming a large 50-75% water change. In addition to salt, buy a good multi-purpose treatment that treats/prevents a wide range of goldfish diseases like Rid Ich for Aquariums or an anti-parasite medicated fish food

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How To Treat Ick On Goldfish

  • Raise Goldfish Tank Temperature. The first step is to raise the temperature in the tank in order to speed up the life cycle of the parasites.
  • Treat Goldfish Ich With Anti-Parasitic Medication. The next step is to add an anti-parasitic treatment to the water.
  • Follow Package Directions. No matter which treatment you decide to use, follow the directions on the product to the letter to ensure the best results.

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