How To Sell Bearded Dragons To Pet Stores

How to sell bearded dragons to pet stores Craigslist. Post your bearded dragon on Craigslist or another similar service. Craigslist has access to many users, so your chances of reaching a larger audience are greater if you use this service. However, due to the sheer volume of postings on the site, they can’t police people who abuse the system.

Baby bearded dragons at the pet store

How To Sell Bearded Dragons To Pet Stores

  • This website is dedicated to providing a safe place to sell and buy bearded dragons.
  • Craigslist. Post your bearded dragon on Craigslist or another similar service.
  • PetCo/PetSmart/Local Pet Stores. Some pet stores can be worked with to sell your bearded dragons too. If you’re just trying to sell one bearded dragon, this may not work.
  • Find A Breeder. Another great option is to find a breeder in your area. This is done by checking different sites or, better yet, asking your vet.
  • Post On Forums. A quick search of the internet can show you any number of pet, reptile, and bearded dragon-related forums out there.

Does Petco Sell Bearded Dragons?

Petco’s reptile supplies are made to help ensure anything that crawls, climbs, creeps, leaps, or slithers lives a happy and healthy life at home with you. From bearded dragons and bouncing toads, to ball pythons and burrowing turtles, you’ll find the healthcare and habitat supplies and accessories your herp needs at our reptile store.

Can Two Bearded Dragons 'Actually' Live Together?

So, can 2 male bearded dragons live together? Short answer.. No. Male bearded dragons battle over dominance, territory, and food. It is rare for them to get along in a healthy way. Along with a host of long-term issues, they are likely to harm each other by biting off limbs, tails, toes, or killing each other.

Can Bearded Dragons Live Outside In Florida?

Yes, bearded dragons can definitely go outside and the natural sunlight is really good for them. However, you have to make sure that it is not too cold outside. Still, exposing your bearded dragon to low temperatures constantly will cause sickness in your bearded dragon. Can a bearded dragon eat grass? Can bearded dragons eat grass?

How Much Are Bearded Dragons At Petco?

The average price a beginner should pay for a bearded dragon at a pet shop is $60. At pet shops baby bearded dragons sell for between $45 and $65, while adults sell for $80 to $100. Adult bearded dragons cost more than babies because it is more expensive to care for and feed babies. The cost of caring for them accumulates over time.

Where Can You Buy A Bearded Dragon?

To buy a bearded dragon, you should start by selecting a healthy dragon that will fit your budget and your needs as a pet owner. You can then buy the pet from a licensed breeder, at a pet store, or at a reptile show. Go for a full grown dragon.

How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Cost At Petsmart?

To start out with all of the necessary supplies, the costs can get into the $400 to $650 range, depending on your preferences and what’s purchased. At a bare minimum, including the bearded dragon, plan on spending about $450. For example, PetSmart and Petco sell bearded dragons for about $30 to $80.

Can You Keep More Than One Bearded Dragon Together?

If you are interested in housing a male and a female beardie together, keep it to just the two of them and never put more than two in the same tank, regardless of sex. Aside from breeding, bearded dragons usually do not enjoy each other’s company for prolonged periods.

Can A Leopard Geko And A Bearded Dragon Live Together?

Bearded dragons and leopard gecko should not live together. You need to arrange for two separate tanks if you choose to keep both pets. Actually, these two creatures are too territorial and aggressive to even keep the same species in a single tank. You may not make the mistake of keeping a large tank as that will not help in this case.

Can A Chameleon And A Bearded Dragon Live Together?

So can bearded dragons and chameleons live together? It’s not a good idea to put them together. It’s highly likely that the bearded dragon will look to attack it and eat it, especially if it is larger than the chameleon. Chameleons are very supple creatures and will feel threatened to be in the same vicinity as a bearded dragon.

Can A Bearded Dragon And A Tegu Live Together?

bearded_dragon_man Member There is a ton of tegu’s keepers who keep there tegus together, I do. Mine are only small little farts and are in hibernation but they get along fine and have been for the last 2 months. I do understand the risk but as said, tegu’s are actually very social animals.

Can Bearded Dragons Live In The Backyard?

While the primary reason for housing Bearded Dragons in the backyard is to allow access to natural sunlight and high levels of UV light, air temperature must be considered before animals are placed outdoors. If Bearded Dragons are placed outside when the temperature is too cool, they may become stressed or ill.

Is It Legal To Use A Bearded Dragon For Personal Use?

Please be respectful of copyright. Unauthorized use is prohibited. The bearded dragon lives up to its name: Like a dragon, it’s equipped with armor of spiny reptilian scales, which include a “beard” of spikes under its chin that puffs up depending on its mood.

What Do Bearded Dragons Do When They Are Threatened?

When threatened, a bearded dragon will open its mouth, raise its chin, and puff out its beard to make itself appear bigger. This display may also be accompanied by a hiss. Bearded dragons also communicate by changing the color of their beards and bobbing their heads.

Did Bearded Dragons Live In The Cumberland Plain?

The bearded dragons in the Cumberland Plain lived among many gums (including Eucalyptus moluccana, Eucalyptus fibrosa and Eucalyptus sclerophylla) with bushes and ground cover. Bearded dragons are semi-arboreal and certainly in this area described the Pogona barbata spends a lot of time up in the trees basking and staying safe.

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