How To Cure Fin Rot With Fancy Goldfish

How to cure fin rot with fancy goldfish You should speak to a vet to get the medicine that is best for your goldfish, but we use erythromycin as the remedy for our goldfish’s fin rot. If you notice a secondary fungal infection in your goldfish, methylene blue is another antifungal treatment that is appropriate for goldfish.

How to treat fin rot

How To Cure Fin Rot With Fancy Goldfish

Treatment Options Move the goldfish into the sickbay and a mild salt bath of two teaspoons of non-iodized salt per gallon. Trim back the damaged portion of fin if the damage is severe and is hindering the fish from swimming.

What Is The Treatment For Fin Rot?

Fin Rot Treatment. To treat fin rot the first thing you need to do is a partial water change. Change about 40-50% of the water, making sure to add a chlorine/chloramine remover to the new water. If the fin rot isn’t too severe, and the fish’s fins are just a little ragged, doing partial water changes and using some aquarium salt may help.

How Long Does Fin Rot Take To Heal?

You must know how severe the problem is, then only it can be determined how much time it would take to heal. But, as a rough estimate, we can say that it takes around four to five days or a week to recover from fin rot.

Will Fin Rot Heal On Its Own?

Yes fin rot can heal on its own as long as the water conditions are healthy and the fin rot is in the early stages. If your fish is in the later stages of fin rot they will require an antibiotics treatment. How To Tell If Fin Rot Is Getting Better?