How To Build A Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Build a bearded dragon habitat

How To Build A Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Clear Out Or Set Up Space. First, you need to get the space set up.
  2. Shape The Insulation Boards. Picture the shape of the cage interior in your head or sketch it out.
  3. Grout And Paint. Do 3-4 layers of grout over the interior foam and bottom of the cage.
  4. Cut Out And Install Top.
  5. Finish Outside.
  6. Install Doors.

What Size Terrarium Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon?

When your bearded dragon grows up and is around 5-6 months old, you need to get a new terrarium for it. From 5-6 months and up your bearded dragon will need a large terrarium that is at least 55 gallons. The best terrarium size for 1 adult bearded dragon is around 36 wide, 18 deep and 18-24 high, which is roughly 65 gallons.

Is My Bearded Dragon Too Small?

Keeping your bearded dragon in a tank that is too small for them may have permanent effect on their health, such as stunted growth. Your bearded dragon will likely be quite stressed and feel overly confined. And an unhappy beardie can likely pick up some unwanted health problems.

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