How Long Dos A Black Moor Goldfish Live For

How long dos a black moor goldfish live for Black moor goldfish (black telescope) typically live for between 10 and 15 years, though it is not uncommon for hobbyists to report their black moors living for 20.

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Can A Black Moor Live With A Goldfish?

While the black moor goldfish can very happily live alone, most of them also enjoy the company of other goldfish. Since black moors all have the same docile, non-aggressive temperament, they won’t cause each other problems during feeding time. Do Black Moor fish need a heater?

Why Do Black Moor Fish Turn Gold?

The most likely reason why your black moor turned gold and died is because of a high amount of ammonia, nitrate or nitrite in your aquarium or the general water quality is bad. If this is the case it is very important to fix the issue before it starts to affect other fish.

Can Black Moor's Eat Normal Goldfish Food?

Black Moors can be fed like any other goldfish and will eat a range of standard foods. Typically, goldfish flakes are the easiest base food for them, though you may decide to supplement this with additional treats on occasion. Click to see full answer Also know, what fish can be kept with black Moors?

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