Does My Goldfish Has Fin Rot

Does my goldfish has fin rot Yes, fin rot is contagious in goldfish. Here are the steps you can take to help prevent the spread of fin rot in your goldfish. Use a gravel filter to siphon the bottom of the tank; this will help get rid of any debris/waste in the tank. Now perform a water change of 25% on your fish tank.

Fin rot in goldfish what is fin rot and how do you treat it

What Is The Treatment For Fin Rot?

Fin Rot Treatment. To treat fin rot the first thing you need to do is a partial water change. Change about 40-50% of the water, making sure to add a chlorine/chloramine remover to the new water. If the fin rot isn’t too severe, and the fish’s fins are just a little ragged, doing partial water changes and using some aquarium salt may help.

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