Do Goldfish Change Color As They Age

Do goldfish change color as they age With goldfish color development, it’s important to understand what happens with goldfish fry (i.e. baby goldfish). When they are very young they have a color similar to their wild ancestors, a greenish/brownish sort of color. Before goldfish get their brighter, more desirable coloration, they go through a period of demelanization.

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Why Do Goldfish Sometimes Change Colours?

Most breeds of goldfish change color as they age because they are genetically wired that way. However, genetics is not the only reason for their color change. In fact, they can lose their colors due to inadequate lighting or poor water quality. In addition, their diet can play a role in the color change.

Why Has Your Goldfish Changed Color?

There are plenty of reasons that goldfish can change color. Here are a few of them: Change in environment. Change in water type. Water temperature. Amount of light. Introduction of other fish or goldfish into the aquarium. Newborn transitioning into adult coloration. Old age. Read on to learn more about what may be causing the change.

Are Goldfish Supposed To Change Color?

Color changes usually happen during the first year of a fish’s life as it’s maturing, but a color change can still happen several years into a goldfish‘s life for genetic reasons. From Mother Nature’s perspective, it makes more sense for a goldfish to be dull in color rather than bright and flashy.

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