Can Bearded Dragons Lay Eggs Without A Male

Can bearded dragons lay eggs without a male Yes, female bearded dragons can lay eggs without ever coming into contact with a male. However, these eggs will be infertile and will not develop into babies. Unfertilized eggs will be dented, slightly yellow in color, and should be removed from the enclosure before they go rotten.

Can a female bearded dragon lay eggs without a male

Will Female Bearded Dragons Eat Their Own Eggs?

Yes, they may. Female bearded dragons may eat their own eggs when they are left alone to eat them. This should not be too alarming as this is not uncommon in many wild animal populations. Like I have mentioned a few times already, this issue is fixed by removing the infertile eggs from the lay box after she is done laying her clutch.

Can My Bearded Dragon Eat Superworms?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat superworms! They are safe for healthy adult dragons, and as a plus, they tend to be one of beardies’ favorite treats. However, they aren’t considered a great staple insect, and baby bearded dragons should never eat superworms—they pose a serious risk of gut impaction.

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