Can 2 Bearded Dragons Live In A 40 Gallon Tank

Can 2 bearded dragons live in a 40 gallon tank Baby bearded dragons will do best in tanks no smaller than 20 gallons and ideally 40 gallon (36 inches long X 18 inches wide X 18 inches deep). Young adults and adults should have at minimum a tank of 55 gallons, but ideally 75 gallons.

Can 2 male bearded dragons live together

What Kind Of Tank Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

There are three different materials to choose from for a Bearded Dragon tank: Plastic and wooden vivariums are usually enclosed and have a glass front panel. They are both the best enclosure types because they are very effective at holding heat in. However, glass tanks are popular with beginners because of their price and availability.

What Size Tank Should My Bearded Dragon Have?

Tank size for adult bearded dragons The bare minimum-sized tank for adult bearded dragons is 75 gallons, but ideally, you want to aim for a tank of 120 gallons. This will give them enough space to hunt for food, bask in a warm spot, climb, and find cooler areas. Aim for a 120-gallon tank with measurements of 48”x24”x24”.

What Things Do You Need For A Bearded Dragon Tank?

You will need two thermometers to monitor your tanks‘ temperatures. One thermometer for the hot side and one thermometer for the cold side. Furniture. You will need to have some basic furniture for the bearded dragon. Below is a list of the minimum of what you will need: A place for your bearded dragon to drink water.

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